“I have never seen greater beauty than Long Lake…”

My best moments in youth were spent upon your waters.
May I return sometime with sons and daughters.
Some day soon over you the sun and moon,
To arise once more to the sound of the loon.


I miss Long Lake as I miss my departed family members. There is something special about this area. Yes, having key childhood memories tied to the place has added the power of the draw, but there seems to be so much more.

Some day soon I hope to return. It has already been too many years. My family used to own the Bogyville Resort, a small fishing and hunting lodge. It has been years since any of my family have lived upon your shores. Betty Bogy was the last surviving member, God rest all their souls. Walter, Rose, Betty, Francine, and William.

Keep in touch. As I run accross old photos I shall try to digitize them and email them.


Grieg P. Ragen member VOLTAGE, the Rock Band and Construction 4 You

griegragen@hotmail.com griegragen@prodigy.net www.griegragen.com

PS: I have been to the jungle, the desert, the gulf and south pacific. In my eyes I have never seen greater beauty than Long Lake in Washburn County, just different.