Fall & Winter Activities

Come enjoy the beautiful fall colors and winter scenes at Lincolnwood! We offer you a great variety of fall hunting and fishing experiences. Come hunt deer, grouse, squirrel, rabbit and more. Washburn county has 167,808 acres of public lands available to you. And of course the ice fishing is great all winter long! Our winterized cabins are warm and cozy!

Ice Fishing

Long Lake has an annual Ice Fishing Contest. Sometimes up to 1000 people are in attendance. It is sponsored by The Long Lake Chamber This picture was taken from the 2002 contest. There are fabulous prizes given away. It is a blast!

A True Long Lake Ice Fishing StoryMy son and husband caught this monster Northern on Long Lake on February 22, 2003. It weighed 22 lbs and was 44 inches long. Our son, Dylan Hanson age 8, hooked the Northern on the tip-up and started to pull it in, then he called to his dad Tim, “Dad I think it’s a big one”. So dad took over bringing it in. It took four runs for him to get it to the bottom of the hole, then he got an idea of how big it was! As he was bringing it through the hole the line broke and he had to give it a kick or it would have went back down. After they had it safely away from the hole they were high fiving each other and cheering so much that a fellow who lives on the lake came down and took this picture. It is thanks to him that we have this great picture. Any way, just thought you might be interested in this picture since it is such an awsome fish and was caught on your lake! In about 6 months we will have it back from the taxidermist and it will be on our son’s wall. Thanks for growing such great fish!

Submitted by Amy Hanson

Snowmobiling & ATVs

Enjoy the snowy white open spaces this winter at Lincolnwood. See what a great sport snowmobiling can be with miles and miles of scenic trails at your disposal! Are ATVs more your speed? We are now connected to main ATV trails. There are many Cross Country Trails in the area and we are only 45 minutes from Hayward, home of the world-famous American Burkebeiner!